QU4LITY Project Updates

First Issue of the Newsletter - Project Updates

QU4LITY is a European project to implementing Autonomous Quality concepts within the European manufacturing industry. While the project continuously develops way to demonstrate realistic and replicable Zero-Defect Manufacturing Solutions within selected lighthouse factories, the goal is also to involve SMEĀ“s for data-driven solutions and products. Moreover, an additional objective for the project is to explore and investigate new business models within the aforementioned areas. The QU4LITY consortium consists of 45 partners from 13 European countries who will work together for a total of 39 months.

Manufacturing defects are a huge issue for the European manufacturing industry. In some cases, 50 % of the production ends up as scrap. Therefore, the QU4LITY-project was launched based on the following insights regarding Zero Defect Manufacturing and Industry 4.0:

  • Costly and time-consuming deployment
  • Lack of a digital community
  • Poor SME engagement

Implementing next-generation decision workflow and control loop management:

Initial progress

During 2019 great steps have been taken in order to realize the goals of the H2020 QU4LITY project. Starting in January, partners have successfully collaborated in investigating and iterating ways of bringing forward a new marketplace for Zero Defect Manufacturing. Building on the insights from various partners and other stakeholders, an IoT catalogue will serve as a multi sided market platform for Zero Defect Manufacturing solutions. The launch of this platform is expected for 2020. As achievements within the scaling up of the lighthouse factories is being achieved, 2020 is expected to bring interesting results advancing the state of the art of autonomous quality and zero-defect manufacturing.

IoT Catalogue

The QU4LITY project take advantages of an IoT-Catalogue to provide to stakeholders, information related to ZDM related technologies and also Use cases coming from the QU4LITY pilots. In the IoT Catalogue all the components used in a solution are represented with detailed information such as manufacturer, product page and its vendors and allow the user to choose where to buy based on the store location. As the QU4LITY project proceeds, more solutions and organizations are expected to be represented on the IoT Catalogue. The QU4LITY IoT Catalogue will continuously be developed here.

Please visit the QU4LITY projects website: https://qu4lity-project.eu/



QU4LITY was represented by Oscar Lazaro, the managing director of INNOVALIA at METROMEET in Bilbao, Spain during 10th-12th of April 2019. METROMEET is a unique event and the most important conference in the sector of Industrial Dimensional Metrology. INNOVALIA was the organizer and gave presentations throughout all the conference.


IDSA summit is an event taking place in Bonn, Germany during 25th-26th of June 2019 where members and interested companies come together in order to get the latest news of the International Data Space Association and to network. As seen in the picture above Angelo Marguglio from partner Engineering Ingegneria Informatica (ENG) presented insights from the QU4LITY project.


2020 will indeed be an interesting year for QU4LITY as the project's lighthouse pilots are scaled up. Learn more below about some selected events where the QU4LITY-project will be represented during 2020:

Connected Factories - Digitalisation and digital platforms for manufacturing
11 March 2020, Brussels

The as one of several key projects related to digital manufacturing platforms, QU4LITY will be presented highlighting Digital Reality in Zero Defect Manufacturing during the workshop. The event will be held on March the 11th in Brussels, Belgium.


Hannover Messe
20 - 24 April 2020, Hannover

Hannover Messe is the world's leading fair on Manufacturing Technology. The Hannover fair is an important industry fair where the industry shows the world new technologies and use cases for Machine learning and industry 4.0. It will take place during 20th-24th April of 2020 in Hannover, Germany.


28-30 October 2020, Bilbao

SQS is organizing QA&TEST Safety and Security conference, focusing on facing the challenges presented by addressing safety and security aspects in an integrated manner, to both development and testing. The event will take place in Madrid, Spain during 26th-27th of March 2020.



This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 825030