The AIC becomes a meeting point for Industry 4.0 and advanced manufacturing

During the 2nd and the 3rd of February, the AIC will become the most important point of the European Industry 4.0 by hosting the BEinCPPS general asembly.

A project under the ICT innovation support program for advanced manufacturing systems (I4MS) from the Horizon 2020. With an investment of more than 110M€ in the two first phases, the projetc aims to demostrate through pilot manufacturing processes, that we can improve the competitiveness of products and manufacturing processes in various sectors thanks to the ability of the IoT, the Big Data and the cloud.

BeinCPPS takes place in 5 european regions: Euskadi, Lombardia in Italy, Baden Wuertemberg in Germany, Norte in Portugal and Rhone Alpes in France. The European Comission will build in each region the neccesary support structure for the digitalization of the companies. The structures that will support the change and evolution of the production proceeses are well known as Digital Innovation Hubs.

Innovalia is taking the lead of the Digital Innovation Hub in the Basque Country inside the European network I4MS, with the aim of applying the most advanced technology in the companies, give support to the newest models of digital business and elimitaning the barriers to development.

Principal references in the sector such as Whirpool, John Deere or Maier, are some of the companies taking part in the project and walk hand in hand towards a future of IoT and digitalization.

The project BEinCPPS makes the step into IoT and Industry 4.0 a clear reality for the companies in the basque country. Innovalia, hosting this project, will bring support to the companies that need or want to optimize their production processes and positions the Basque Country, once again, as a meeting point of technology and innovation.