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1. What are the main trends that will mark innovation in the future?

We are in what many consider a change of era that has also accelerated a lot due to Covid-19. Digital transformation is a necessity in all sectors and technological advances in artificial intelligence, collaborative robotics, artificial vision, etc., a reality at all levels. All of this has a common denominator: data management.
At Innovalia, we are convinced that data management, protection, sharing that respects the sovereignty of shared information, fast and secure transmission and efficient data analysis are vital for the competitive improvement of any company. Innovalia Digital has been working for years in the development of solutions and products that allow it: from the monitoring and protection of the network, the certification of software products or the generation of managed ‘data lakes’.


2. What benefits will the deployment of 5G technology bring in this field?

5G is going to bring substantial changes when it comes to doing certain activities. It is undeniable that it represents a clear technological advance and will change the way we work. Mass data storage and connectivity is now a reality and the possibility of transmitting it in real time and without delays will create new possibilities. Remote equipment management and process monitoring are going to change radically and it is something that Innovalia Metrology engineers have been working on for a long time, with the aim of offering new levels of service and support to customers.


3. In the current context, are companies also going to have to innovate to obtain financial resources with which to pay for their R&D projects?

The companies that last are always innovating in multiple aspects and clearly, in access to financial resources with which to pay for R&D cannot be otherwise. Additionally, right now two relevant events are coming together: on the one hand, the launch of the new European research framework program Horizon Europe; and on the other, the European funds Next Generation EU. Both issues are going to force the company to move fast and change some strategies. However, in the current context, and with the European recovery funds to
In view, the rapid action of the Public Administrations will be essential for companies. Managing a large amount of money in such a short time is a great challenge and support in the private sector will be key in speeding up the evaluation and award processes. From Innovalia, aware of this, we have launched our Carsa Next office to provide support in said actions. We are at a critical moment for recovery and speed is going to be a fundamental factor to get out before the crisis caused by Covid-19